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Test 32 Unique Criteria on your Site


  • Do certain defects discourage users and search engines from navigating your site?
  • Full check for spelling and grammar issues.
  • Discover broken links, images and pages.
  • Identification of missing files and prohibited content.


  • Analyze the user experience.
  • Determine mobile readiness.
  • Test mobile and desktop page speeds


  • Examine online marketing presence
  • Determine search engine ranking across top browsers
  • Define site metadata including titles, descriptions, alt tags
  • Identify backlinks to site


  • Identify compliancy to standard measures.


  • Test server behavior
  • Identify JavaScript errors
  • Test for analytics
  • Check for favicons
  • Verification of cookie law compliancy


  • Determine strength of content.
  • Are users provided with accurate contact information.
  • Check for duplicate and redundant content.
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