Get Social Grow Your Business

Social Media Management

So you know you need to be on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or any of the other social media sites out there but you just aren't sure how exactly to create a marketing plan for them. Or optimize your pages so they are found even through a Google search. Or what content is best to post and at what times. And what about advertising? If you feel lost or confused about what's the best way to use social media to generate more leads, increase brand awareness and get your content, message, and services out in front of potential customers, then contact us today and take a step toward getting your business successfully social.

What We Do

  • Create new pages or accounts as needed.
  • Manage and market your Facebook Business Page by maintaining content update schedules, calendar of events, and anything pertinent to your business that needs to be posted.
  • Strategically set up and maintain the page to be Facebook “friendly”
  • Optimize page and content posts for improved SEO in Google & search engines and use of a Vanity URL.
  • Receive more recommendations and “Likes” through contests, share posts, check-in offers and more.
  • Increase your presence and gain more reach by getting your name in front of people who don’t already “Like” your page.
  • Showcase products, services & events through photo albums, coupons, Facebook ads (not included in monthly fee), special offers and more.
  • Advertising - every month you will have guaranteed exposure in front of the right audience for you.

Still not sure why your business should be on Facebook?

  • 30 million businesses now have Facebook Business Pages
  • 829 million people use Facebook on a daily basis
  • People search 1 billion times per day on Facebook
  • 51% of Facebook users are likely to buy a product from a business they follow
  • 60% of Facebook users are likely to recommend a fan page to their friends
  • 68% of Facebook users are likely to buy a product recommended by a friend on Facebook

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn – these are the social media meccas where millions of people go every day to share their loves, hates and momentary indiscretions with the world. The average Facebook fan Likes and follows 70 Facebook Business Pages. Local consumers are now using social media as an avenue to connect with local businesses and learn about them. Business Solutions Today’s social media team will figure out your target audiences, where they are and how to interact with them to draw more business.