5 Ways to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Did you know only 50 percent of businesses make it past the first five years, and only one third make it past the 10-year mark?

These can be scary statistics for any business owner. Although there are many reasons why a business could fail, the failure to stand out tops the list. The good news is there is a solution!

These easy tips will help your business stand out from the crowd and set you up for long-term success.

Provide High-Quality Customer Service

Just saying that you will provide exemplary service isn’t enough, you have to actually deliver on that promise. Your customers expect great service and won’t put up with anything less.

Do Things Differently Than Your Competitors

It’s important to evaluate how you can be different than your competitors. By finding their weaknesses it can make your business even better.

Be Upfront and Honest

Of course you want to please your customers, but making unrealistic promises isn’t sustainable. In fact, it sets you up for failure. Instead be open and upfront about what you can promise and don’t make any far-reaching promises.

Cibo, a nationally known Brand Strategy agency with clients such as Google, Salesforce, and Subaru says: “Brand strategy needs experiential principles to guide how it behaves, because each moment is critical to how a story takes shape. What creates truth in your story? The impressions made by a series of moments laced together. When combined, these moments have more power than you know”.

Be Unique

There are so many businesses out there and it can be hard to distinguish one from another. Have a catchy slogan? How about a fun logo? Use these things to your advantage. Focus on your niche while making your business memorable. 

J.Schmid, whose clients include Reebok, IKEA, Audi, and American Express says, “Too many brands today think that if they just do something bold to get noticed, they win. As if “just getting noticed” is the end game. But all too often, once people notice them, there’s nothing worthwhile that follows. A bold gimmick doesn’t equate to being a desirable brand. It’s not just about getting noticed, it’s about delivering something that’s relevant to their lives”.

Make Yourself an Expert

Customers are looking for someone who is an expert in their field in order to answer questions and address concerns. Be an expert in whatever you are selling and talk to your customers with confidence.

It’s not an easy task to stand out from an ever-increasing field of competitors, but this list will give you a great start and make your business shine!